About Trekking

Bhutan has traditionally adhered to a strict environmental code with a deep reverence for nature. This has nurtured a wealth of flora and fauna in a pristine ecology which boasts 72 percent of forest cover. Nestled in the eastern end of the grand Himalayas, trekking in Bhutan takes you into the heart of the most scenic and untouched natural world with the higest unclimbed peaks in the world.

Bhutan Dhenzang Travel has extensive expertise in the field of trekking. We provide professional trekking guides, cooks, assistant cooks, transporters and are equipped with the latest modern trekking and logistics equipments.

We are distinguished by our detailed attention to developing the trekking package that you desire. We will take care of all your trekking details such as information and advice on clothing, weather planning, medical and insurance.

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