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Cultural tours are the most popular ways to explore Bhutan. We will ensure an intimate experience with the people and places of Bhutan. We have professional guides with language expertise, an expansive network of hospitality and professional services to provide you with the best of modern amenities.

Bhutan was opened to outside world only in the 1970s. The tradition of preserving the national, cultural and traditional integrity, practiced since the mid-17th century, continues to this day.

Driglam Namzha, the national etiquette of conduct, was introduced by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, the founder of Bhutan. Informed by traditional values, it remains essentially unchanged since the mid-1600s. This important element of national identity manifests in the sight of Bhutanese people clad in traditional medieval robes, even though in the latest modern footwear. “ Tshechus” are the most important religious festivals of the year. They are universally observed as grand festive occasion for social revelry in the midst of elaborate mask dances.

Archery is the nationalsport of Bhutan. These competitions transcend a sporting competition into a joyous medium for celebrating cultural folk lore, a traditional dancing and singing with an abundance of feasting and drinking.

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